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Let's create Unsplash for Music. Together.

Free Music for all Your Projects 🍉

No Rules. No Ads. Yes Artists. 

Pay what you want. Do what you want.


Unminus API / Feed for Your Application


For Whom:
Resellers, Video Creation Tools and other B2B users who are (in)directly providing the Unminus Music to their customers.

You will get access and rights to:

  • the Unminus Free-Premium-Music Catalogue
  • in form of a dynamic updated RSS-Feed with all Tracks' Data like
    • MP3 Stream URL
    • Artist Name
    • Mood & Genre & Tags
  • for your commercial projects like Video Creation Tools, Apps, etc.
  • unique License Key


  • Pay what you like
  • Clearly show that you are partnering with Unminus regarding music in your services
  • add backlinks on your track selection to at least - even better + Artist
  • Please use our Feed-URLs for Streaming the music so that plays are counted
  • Make sure to stay subscribed to this membership for the time you are using the service
  • keep your License Key for periodic revisions
  • You and your clients/users are not allowed to upload unaltered music to Content ID Networks
  • To use the API / Feed you and your clients/users have to abide Unminus License & Terms

You will get the Data-Stream URL directly after your order.

It's not an API but a .rss Feed as we are still working on an API.

If you have doubts or questions just contact

Please see Data excerpt example below and here->

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Unminus API / Feed for Your Application

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